Kemper Amp

In this section there are some rigs, presets and general information that I build over the years.

REAMP with SPDIF Cables

Use standard coax audio cable -> Page details HERE


These are my latest Presets for Effects and Stomps (updated on January 2016).

All these presets can be imported putting them into the USB pendrive in the directory “Shared” and push Import on the Kemper menù. There are NO profiles between them, only my best presets collected over the years using all the embedded effects modules included in the Kemper Software.

  • EFFECTs Section (a combination of the four Slots after the Stack) 

                                      ->    Maurizio70 Effects Presets [2016-01]

  • In the Single Stomp Standard and in the StompS presets are included the ones to recreate as much as possible some pedals (search for audio samples and other details in the following dedicated pages):

And these are the last FREE collection I distributed over the Kemper Forum in 2014

(you can search on the Forum all the information on my “Starting Pack for Beginners”).

I will keep all updated and hope new things in the future!

9 thoughts on “Kemper Amp

  1. Por

    Hey Maurizio
    Really appreciate you sharing your hard work, have you updated any delay presets for firmaware 5.x?


    1. Maurizio Giovanardi Post author

      Yes I updated them, but I just need time to reorder them and share, hope soon …

  2. Davide Franchi

    Ciao Maurizio, ho trovato i tuoi rigs molto professionali, soprattutto quelli dedicati a singoli artisti/canzoni.
    Hai altri rigs di questo tipo da condividere?

    1. Maurizio Giovanardi Post author

      Grazie mille, sono molto ricercati, anche se ovviamente ognuno dovrebbe “aggiustarli” per se per renderli ancora più utilizzabili! Spero di metterne altri presto!

  3. Sergio

    Ciao Maurizio.
    Ho da poco acquistato un KPA e ho incontrato qualche difficoltà nel caricare i tuoi “Presets for Effects and Stomps” nel senso che questi ultimi hanno la estensione .kiprquando invece dovrebbero avere (credo) l’estensione .kpreset per poter essere importati nel Kemper. Mi sbaglio o non conosco il metodo per importare i presets effetti nel Kemper?


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