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In this section there are RIGs created by me (alone or in collaboration with some friends) to recreate the sound of specific Artist/Song. I give a lot of free RIGs in the past and I still will do: you will find a lot of them in the “COVER SONG” Section of this site (
In addition to them, since I invest a lot of time in creating RIGs and many people ask me often to do more and more, I believe it’s the right time for a reward, an incentive and a further motivation to go on and maybe better. This Commercial Section answer exactly to this reciprocal needs!

My idea, in someway different from what you find today on the net, is to continue to give you for free something (a rig for a part of the song, or a draft version of the rig not yet completed or something similar) and then sell the complete sound, full refined, and/or all the rigs/performances needed for the entire song including, typically, rhythm and solo parts.

The majority of RIG sellers works on Amp Profiles, which is obviously great. However, when we listen to an amp profile rarely we consider it ready to record or to use it LIVE… This is the part where my work come in … I invest a lot of time/effort in creating rigs that are really immediately playable with only few adjustments from you (depending on your taste/guitar/backing).
All of them comes from an high research and even higher testing/refinement into a LIVE/Backing environment. Moreover I rarely use the same starting profile for more songs, in this way, you will find a lot of possible alternatives for your sound to search for and to test. At the end, everyone liek to start from a good sounding rig and give it a little or big adjustment to match his taste… not only this is a correct behaviour but it is also part of the fun!!! On the other hand, starting from a good sounding RIG, already plenty of ideas and researchs, accelerate the final goal!

For each song in which you could be interested you will find:
1) an audio example (played by me) using the exact sound of the RIG on sale, so that you can judge by yourself if you like it or not;
2) the exact explanation of the gear used to get that sound and a detailed explanation of the RIG including Settings for Pedals (Volume/Wha/Pitch/Morph) and Remote Switch for dedicated song parts (note that the same notes are also stored in each RIG in the Comments Tags);
3) finally you will have the possibility to buy those RIGs together with an additional PERFORMANCE Ready to go LIVE with all the settings.

To buy RIGs in this Section just click on the “Add to Cart” Button for all the items you need, once finished check the Cart (be careful there will be no duplicates) and use PayPal or any Credit Card to end the payment transaction. No need to subscribe or create any account.
Once finished you will receive an email to download all the RIGs and PERFORMANCEs (and, if possible, some additional files… backing, music sheets etc…). You can try at the beginning for just one rig to see how it works and if you have any doubt/problem contact me @

Many of you asked for it… so, here are some IMPORTANT technical notes about the general method I generally use to obtain the various sounds.
If you like them … you can try and use the same procedure by yourself to obtain even better results; it just depend on your ears/experience and … on your luck/time to find the ‘perfect’ profile as starting point 😉


If you want to buy some FULL Pack you can contact me @ to arrange special agreement. Have a good navigation and let’s play this beautiful Guitar instrument together with this incredible Kemper Machine!!!