Muff Ram’s Head Presets

Hi Kemper Guys,
I tryed to “cloning” with the Kemper the Big Muff Ram’S Head tone.

Well briefly this is the story: at the begining I was not convinced too much (using only the Muff Stomp), but without surrendering and after several tests I ended up using a combination of 3 stomps in series, Compressor-Muff-EQ, and the result was really unexpected from the first tests and very very near the original. I cannot ear now any significant difference between the original and the Kemper simulation.

So, let’s share the result, you will find in the ZIP file 3 directories (right click and “save as”):

Muff Ram’s Head and ColorBoost PowerSound with Kemper

  • 1) Directory Stomp –> I used here only the Muff Stomp alone, so, after importing you will find this Presets pushing any Stomp (A B C D X) and then browsing…
    These simulation are good for the overall tone, but not as near the original for sustain and Equalization like the next ones.
  • 2) Directory StompS –> I used here a series of 3 Stomps, Compressor-Muff-EQ. After importing you will find this Presets pushing the Button StompS (the one under A B C D) and then browsing…
    These simulation are optimal for the overall tone, really near the original also for the sustain.
    The worst simulation were only with the Big Muff setted on extreme values (expecially with Sustain above H15).
  • 3) Directory AUDIO file, since any comparison without audio test remains too much subjective. For the audio test I used the StompS combination (the better ones). In each file I recorded the same phrase with a looper: fiirst with the Original Big Muff inserted in a loop just before the Stack and after with the Kemper Stomps. I used HiWatt profiles here, but same results I obtained with Marshall and Fender Amps…

Here some Audio Tests (in each phrase is played first the Original Muff and then the Kemper Emulation):

The notation of the presets is very intuitive, for example: “DIST MufRamV12T12S12” means Muff Ram’s Head with Volume knob @12 o’clock, Tone knob @12 o’clock, Sustain knob @12 o’clock.

Ask for any other question!

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  1. Leticia

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