In The Flesh?

IN THE FLESH – From Pink Floyd The Wall – FULL COVER

Maurizio70: Les Paul and Telecaster GUITARS and KEYBOARDS
Max70: VOICE and DRUMS
Mattia70: Stratocaster GUITAR (the one with the customized pickguard 🙂
Luca70: BASS

We are first of all friends: all of us were classmates in high school and it is a great pleasure to cover such great song like this one…

  • This is my AUDIO version in High Quality:

  • Here you have the corresponding VIDEO version:

    Fender Stratocaster Vintage USA 62 (White), Les Paul Stardard 2008 and Warmoth custom Telecaster, BOSS GT-10 User Patch, a PC to record with Pro Tools for audio processing and Sony Vegas for video processing.

Here you can download my GT-10 Patch:

Pink Floyd – In The Flesh (YOU TUBE GT10 Patch 2012 – Solo+Arpeggio)


This song I covered, is property of Pink Floyd. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only and to show the guitar effect tweaking and the way how I play it to be helpful to others to enjoy and try it with the same passion.

1 thought on “In The Flesh?

  1. Mr Anthony Crowder

    i love all the pink floyd stuff any chance of any patches fpr my boss gt 10 would be very much appreciated email address is below
    thank you very much


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