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This site comes from my great passion for the music in general and, in particular, for the guitar. When I started playing the guitar, in the eighties, there was no Internet, no YouTube, Facebook or such things…. and it was very difficult even to find some good sheets for the songs we love. At that time I usually made them by my own as self-taught with all the pros and cons. Then I was forced to stop for some years due to the enormous commitment my degree in Electronic Engineer required. After many years, fortunately, my unchanged passion, was helped by the new digital technology and allowed me to restart! YouTube, in particular, gave me the chance to find a lot of motivation in playing again. This was possible thanks to a lot of people teaching and covering almost any song on the planet and sharing it on the Net!

Some years ago, in 2009, I decided to add my ‘two cent’ to contribute on this great community, opening two channels on YouTube. The main idea was to share some covers (with the guitar) of my favorites artists and to have a place where put all my effort and my personal music and style. One channel is entirely dedicated to my favorite guitar Hero “David Gilmour“, while the other is more general and is dedicated to everything else, including original songs!

During the years these channels grow up a little bit … and to date they have almost 3 thousands of subscriptions each and over 1 million of views (thanks to the people that probably find my work in some way pleasant and useful).

For this reason, it seemed to me that all this work deserved something more to my guitarist colleagues šŸ™‚  … and … I decided to start this WEB Page dedicated to my musical activities. My desire is to add more and more section (sounds buildings, musical theory, lutherie advices etc…) but it will not be easy for lack of time …

Below the link to my major activities: the two YouTube ChannelsFacebook Page and Instagram Account, and finally from 2020, just launched, my own music on Spotify!!!!

Really THANKS for all the subscriptions and comments, I just hope to be useful to you (especially for Sounds Settings and Tabs).
YouTube and Sharing are the greater invention of our years!!!

About me ā€¦ besides music, I have several interests, with all the pros and cons, it’s not easy… but that’s my way! I’m an Electronic Engineer working in a big TLC Company and I have a demanding family with two teens to grow that requires me a LOT of energies too šŸ™‚

What’s more?!?!

MUSIC is my first ANTIDOTE to for the stressful life we live in this era. I sincerely hope that something here could create any little inspiration to you, like I found and I still find watching a lot of good People out There!

CIAO from Italy!


Almost all theĀ information and materialsĀ available on this siteĀ are for free; from 2020 I opened an additional Commercial Section for special Kemper RIGs Sounds. Moreover, if you have the pleasureĀ toĀ standĀ for myĀ music activities, you can use the PayPal Donation Button below! Thanks a lot ♥