MXR Phase90 Presets

Hi KPA users,
I hope this “gift” will help some of you 8) ;)

I borrowed for a week the never died Phaser “MXR Phase90” and after some hours spent with him, I was able to replicate his sound, let’s say, more than 90% on the KPA :thumbup:
As you probably know, the Phase90 has only one knob, the rate, but I discovered that, even if I was able to replicate one rate position (i.e. with rate at 12.00), it was not sufficient change the respective “rate” on the KPA Phaser to obtain the others settings. So, it took me some time, and, like we do profiling amp, I manage to take the various snapshots of the pedal with different rate values.

In the link there are all of this snapshots in two form:

MXR Ph90 with Kemper

1) with the replication of the KPA Phaser alone, very good, but not perfect on EQ side; you will find this browsing the stomp presets pushing any stomp (A B C D X Mod and moving the Browse knob);
2) with the replication of the KPA Phaser+EQ, more precise, that you will find in the StompS section (the button under the slots A B C D !!!).

I put also some Audio Tests made switching between the original pedal and the KPA stomp using some loop phrases (first the Original MXR and second the KPA):

RATE @ 7 O’Clock (minimun setting):


RATE @ 9 O’Clock:


RATE @ 11 O’Clock:


RATE @ 17 O’Clock (maximum setting):

Check it out!

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