Atom Heart Mother

Atom Heart Mother was always for me a great piece of music. I loved all the suit and it was a great pleasure cover some parts with the guitar. Here I covered three parts:

  1. the SLIDE guitar SOLO,
  2. an improvisation on the Choral part,
  3. the funky blues solo which was a pearl of Mr. David in its simplicity and efficacy.

I used my Fender Stratocaster Vintage USA’57 (year 1986) and some BOSS GT10 User Sounds.

Part 1 (SLIDE Solo) … not common as the others… is a fantastic guitar solo from David Gilmour in 1969 on a great Organ Chords Structure …

  • AUDIO Take High Quality Part1
  • VIDEO Take Part1

Part 2 was an improvisation over Atom Heart Mother Choral Part in Eminor. I didn’t resist to do an improvisation on such a good backing part and I was inspired from a sound of my GT 10 that I like very very much…

Part 3 was the Atom Heart Mother Funky Blues in Gminor (I like this solo from Gilmour since I was 18 years old… more than 20 years passed now :-((( and it was an honor for me to register it and broadcast… )



  • VIDEO Take Part3


  • Here you can download my GT-10 Patches:

Pink Floyd – Atom HM – Slide SOLO [Bridge PU] & Blues SOLO [Neck PU] YOU TUBE GT-10

  1. Part 1 with BOSS GT10 was with a rich delay and reverb, Rectifier Ampli, Compressor and Equalizer, Big Muff for Overdrive part.
  2. Part 2 with BOSS GT10 User Sound (with rich delay and reverb, Rectifier Ampli, Compressor and Equalizer).
  3. Part 3 with BOSS GT10 User Patch directly in the PC (with rich reverb, Pro Crunch Ampli, Compressor, Booster and Equalizer).


  • Here you can download the TABs I used (TABs, Chords & Guitar Pro file):

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother TAB [MAU]

Pink Floyd – ATOM HEART MOTHER (Chords) [MAU]

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother GUITAR PRO [MAU]



For the first two backing tracks I really thanks to my friend Mattia for such great sounding backing to play with:

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother – Part abc [Backing Track]

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother Choral LOOP [Backing Track]

Backing Track of the part 3 was done by myself extracting the audio from the original Pink Floyd track (I made two versions, one with the standard lenght and one extended to improvise on):

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother – Blues SOLO (Standard) [Backing Track]

Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother – Blues SOLO (Extented Version) [Backing Track]


Thanks for your interest!



3 thoughts on “Atom Heart Mother

  1. Florian COUTURIER

    Great, Thank you.
    But can you send me the settings of your patches.
    I have a GT 100 and I try to do the slide parts, but I can’t have a good sound.
    Thank you so much.


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