Echoes it’s one of the greatest phrasing/amazing sounds ever done by Mr. David.
On top of the studio version, there are at least two live versions which I like a lot: the Pompeii one (1970) and the Gdansk one (2008).

In this page I covered parts of all the three versions.

  • STUDIO VERSION: this is the AUDIO of the Intro of the Studio version of Echoes Part 1

  • STUDIO VERSION: this is the VIDEO

  • POMPEII VERSION: this is the AUDIO of the Pompeii Solo of Echoes Part 1

  • POMPEII VERSION: this is the VIDEO (it is a both GUITAR & BASS cover of Echoes Part 1 SOLO; as a tribute to my city, I choose the Rome’s monuments as background … anyway an Italian place like Pompeii :-)))

  • GDANSK VERSION: this is the AUDIO of the Gdansk version of Echoes Part 1 played live by Gilmour in 2008

  • GDANSK VERSION: this is the VIDEO of the Intro Part


Fender Stratocaster Vintage ’57 Neck Pickup, GT-10 User Patch

STUDIO VERSION EFFECT CHAIN: Dynacomp + Mid Boost + Clean Twin + EQ Bass Boost + Hall Reverb


Fender Stratocaster Vintage ’57 Neck Pickup. Kemper Profiling Amplifier and Boss GT-10.

GDANSK INTRO EFFECT CHAIN: This was my first experiment using the new incredible KEMPER PROFILING AMPLIFIER (for the Amp section) with my Boss GT-10. This was the chain -> Dynacomp Compressor + Natural OD + KEMPER PROFILING AMPLIFIER with MARSHALL JCM2000 CLEAN PROFILE + EQ Meedle Boost + Delay 450 ms + very low Stereo Chorus + Hall Reverb

GDANSK SOLO EFFECT CHAIN: Compressor + Muff + MARSHALL JCM2000 CLEAN + EQ + Delay 450 ms + Stereo Chorus + Hall Reverb


Warmoth Custom Jazz Bass; Fender Stratocaster Vintage ’57 BRIDGE Pickup; GT-10 User Patch

POMPEII EFFECT CHAIN: Warmoth Custom Jazz Bass; Fender Stratocaster Vintage ’57 BRIDGE Pickup; GT-10 User Patch (Dynacomp Compressor + Metal DIST + PRO CRUNCH AMPLI + EQ Bass Boost + Double delay 220 ms and 366 ms + Modulation Reverb).

  • Here you can download here my GT-10 Patch / Kemper Profiler Amplifier Rig:

Pink Floyd Echoes Gdansk JCM (KEMPER RIGs)

Pink Floyd Echoes BOSS GT-X SETTINGS

  • Download here the TAB, the Guitar Pro Files & the Chords Structure I used for the song:

Pink Floyd – Echoes (TAB, Chords & Lyrics)

  • Download here some useful Backing Tracks:

Pink Floyd – Echoes PartI (BackingTrack)

Pink Floyd – Echoes SOLO (BackingTrack)




This song I covered, is property of Pink Floyd. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only and to show the guitar effect tweaking and the way how I play it to be helpful to others to enjoy and try it with the same passion.

10 thoughts on “Echoes

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  2. Chris G.

    I just had to comment and say not only was I impressed with your playing and tabbing, how refreshing to follow a link for tabs and you actually spoil us with them! No “subscribe to my youtube” no $$$. That is class act for broke people such as myself. Massively appreciated!!!

    Also now you have me looking into that Boss GT10. Waiting on my tax refund and wanting to set up something to record/ play with, that can eliminate the need to buy a million pedals. I was going to just go the Amplitude/Pod Farm route but this GT10 seems pretty spiffy. I noticed the GT-100 as well a few months ago but I am likely to be chasing your tone at this point.

  3. Owen

    Hello Maurizio,

    Just getting back to the guitar after a too long hiatus and mostly inclined to play Floyd and Santana. I’ve been focused on Gilmour’s On and Island and working on Echoes by ear from the Live at Gdsk album. Your tabs excellent and have really helped fill in the parts that I’ve been not quite getting, especially the chords and riffing sections which I’ve found hard to play by ear. THanks for this labour of love. Owen

  4. Allan Robichaud

    I am really surprised you don’t have more comments on this. I’ve been listening to floyd since the 80’s when I was in my teens and echoes has always been one of my favourites. You’ve really inspired my to learn how to play it. I’ve spent months tweaking my tone and so far the only solo that i’ve learned is from Mother. Thanks to you, Echoes is going to be my second!

    1. Maurizio Giovanardi Post author

      Thanks a lot Allan, glad to be useful!!!! I’m planning more songs in the next future;-)

  5. Tony Goskie

    Awesome Maurizio! I just came across your video you really got the sound from the Pompeii version. I am going to start to learn it soon – I love playing the solo from Mother (Poorly) but it is fun. I love David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, I been listening to Pink Floyd for years and really started to appreciate how good the guitar from “Echos” is…I always loved it but more even now. Thank you!

    1. Maurizio Giovanardi Post author

      Thanks to you! I plan to cover also other live version of Echoes, each time Gilmour played it live, he add some special “notes”!

  6. Dave Burgess

    Great stuff you’ve captured the sound well and great playing .
    Thanks for this


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