“Random Precision” (Pink Floyd Tribute Band)

Random Precision” is a Tribute Band of Pink Floyd born in 2010 in Italy. We know already each other from many years and we are friends first of all. The time available to us to make rehearsal and play is very little but thanks to our friendship and common passion we can make up for the lack of time and make our cover in some way “special”.

This is just a medley recorded from our first LIVE near Rome on 6 of August 2010, after just very few rehersal sessions.

Under this page and sub menù you can find other registrations and covers done by Random Precision.

The registration (not high quality nor multitrack) was done simply with two ambient microphones placed on the left and on the right side of the hall (RODE NT2A); guitars are Fender Stratocaster USA Vintage series connected to BOSS GT-10 Processor and than to the AMPs in Clean mode; Bass connected to Boss GT-6B, than to the amp; Drums is a Roland Electronic TD-12.

Random Precision are:

  • Maurizio Giovanardi and Mattia Giglio GUITARS
  • Marco Cannata PIANO and KEYBOARDS
  • Luca Iocchi BASS
  • Roberta Giovanardi CHORAL VOICE
  • Massimiliano Novelli VOICE and DRUMS



Photo Random Tucano LIVE 2010 (056)Photo Random Tucano LIVE 2010 (055)

Photo Random Tucano LIVE 2010 (120)Photo Random Tucano 2011 (37)Photo Random Tucano 2011 (31)Photo Random Tucano 2011 (28)Photo Random Tucano LIVE 2010 (053)

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