MXR DynaComp Presets

Hi Kemper Guys,
I tryed to “clone” with the Kemper the MXR DynaComp Compressor (the Red one).

So, let’s share the result, you will find in the ZIP file 3 directories:

MXR DynaComp with Kemper

  • 1) Directory Stomp –> I used here only the Comp Stomp alone, so, after importing you will find this Presets pushing any Stomp (A B C D X) and then browsing…
    These simulation are very good for the overall tone, just lack a bit of EQ tone
  • 2) Directory StompS –> I used here a series of 2 Stomps, Compressor & EQ. After importing you will find this Presets pushing the Button StompS (the one under A B C D) and then browsing…
    These simulation are optimal for the overall tone, really near the original also for the sustain.
  • 3) Directory AUDIO file, since any comparison without audio test remains too much subjective. For the audio test I used the StompS combination (the better ones). In each file I recorded the same phrase with a looper: first with the Original MXR DynaComp inserted at the beginning of the chain and a second recording with the Kemper Stomps. I used HiWatt profiles here, but same results I obtained with Marshall and Fender Amps…

Some Audio tests (first the Original MXR and second the KPA):

Blues Phrase


Rake Phrase


Another Brick Phrase

Check it out!!!

4 thoughts on “MXR DynaComp Presets

  1. Ron


    The “Single STANDARD” presets in DynaComp, Ph90, and Ram’s Head all load into presets no problem.

    The “SET-PreStack” all yield errors “The Import failed. # Presets were damaged”

    Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?


  2. Mike

    Maurizio, thanks for sharing these. I too am a newbie to Kemper and i am trying to import via drag and drop theses along with the other Stomps, Effects you shared on KEMPER forum, but the RM gives me an error if i tried to add to local library and quits when i try to drag and drop into profiler. Any assistance much appreciated, R Mike

  3. Gibsder

    Hi Maurizio,

    I’m a newbie and I’ve got a question.
    How can you do to profile only a stomp without the amp ?
    Congratulation for your website and all your sharing.
    KPA is wonderful tool !!!



    1. Maurizio Giovanardi Post author

      You can profile a stomp without an amp but it is not very useful in my opinion, since you have to use this profile only alone and you will loose the amp part for that rig


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