Metallica – Fade to Black (Intro)

This guitar SOLO is a pearl of music, and it is a pleasure for me to try my own version 🙂

  •  The sound I used the new jewel of digital technology, the KEMPER Profiling Amplifier Rig have a Marshall Amp 100W ’72 profile; Cabinet Vintage Marshall 4×12 V30 Closed Back and micked with a Sure SM57 & MXL R144.

Metal FadeBlack 1stSol G0 #a0 – 2015-07-21 18-03-47

The guitar is a Les Paul Standard 2012, Desert Burst. the SW I used on the PC are Sequoia v12 for audio and Sony Vegas Pro 11 for the video.

  • The backing track I found on Internet. I hope you like it and that it can inspire some of you to do the same and better than me …

Metallica – Fade to Black [BackTrack w_Vocal (from Orig)]

Metallica – Fade to Black [BackTrack w_Vocal (from Orig) more BassDrums]

  • Here you can download the TAB and the Guitar Pro file I used

Metallica – Fade To Black INTRO SOLO [MAU]

Metallica – Fade To Black INTRO CHORDS Acoustic [MAU]

Metallica – Fade To Black [MAU]

Thanks for watching!



COPYRIGHT STATEMENT The intro of this song, I covered, is property of METALLICA.

This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only.

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