5 thoughts on “U2 Cover

  1. Tom Bocchino

    Hi Maurizio, Your work is great! I will send a contribution for sure. Thanks.

    I was wondering if you have any suggestion for me. I use a Headrush Pedal Board and I want to know if there is any ‘rig conversion’ tools or suggestions to take your Kemper files and translate into Headrush .rigs ?

    I used to have a Line6 HD500X then a BOSS ME3 but I sold those for the Headrush. (p.s. I LOVE it but there are not so many rigs out on the web for this system. Still the usability is really good and if you get a chance I suggest to try the Headrush Looper and Pedal board (I paid $1100 for both, used).

    grazie!!! Tom

    1. Maurizio Giovanardi Post author

      You can find the rigs and download them in the dedicated pages of each songs

  2. Tim Torrens

    Hi can you send me your kemper profiles for these sounds bud? Heading into the studio this weekend and these will be perfect for laying down tracks for walk the moon song shut up and dance.

    Please get back to me asap
    Thanks Tim


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