Breathe (from Rehearsal)

This is the cover in a LIVE Rehearsal of Pink Floyd “Breathe” from The Dark Side Of The Moon album.

This was done with my group “Random precision” (a Pink Floyd Tribute Band) … sorry for poor mic registration, it was just for give you an idea of our interpretation of one of the best song ever written…

We dedicate this song to all our children (6 in total!!!) “Breathe, breathe in the air”, as much as you can…

  • GEAR USED & Boss GT-10 Patch

Fender Stratocaster Vintage USA, BOSS GT-10 User Patch, Direct MIC to RECORD in front of the speakers in the rehearsal room.

Boss GT-10 Patch to download here:

Pink Floyd – Breathe YOU TUBE GT10 Maurizio70 2012-04-20

  • Here you can download some Backing Tracks to use for this cover:

Pink Floyd – Breathe BTa (minus ArpGui) with Voice from ORIGINAL

Pink Floyd – Breathe BTb (minus ArpGui & SomeSlide)

Pink Floyd – Breathe (minus ALLGui) from MIDI

  • Here you can download the Chords/TAB I used for the song:

Pink Floyd – Breathe Reprise TAB [MAU]

Pink Floyd – Breathe – Chords & Lyrics [MAU]

Pink Floyd – Breathe Reprise (Guitar Pro) [MAU]



NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED: THIS IS JUST A TRIBUTE VIDEO to one of the greatest band of all the times, we have no intention to create any profit with this.

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