Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part I-V
Cover of the Studio Version from “Wish You Were Here” Album

This song, sound and playing, is one of the reason why I absolutely wanted to play the electric guitar. The emotions I still feel when I play or listen to it, is still incredible. I covered the various solos paying tribute to Mr. David and trying to recreate the original feeling as much as possible.

I had some difficult to record the first solo in time, being the backing without the click … but I really love this backing, and that’s why I chose it anyway…. The studio version of this track have a unique clean but powerful sound! I enjoy a lot trying to recreate it, hoping to be successful in the result!!!

  • The corresponding VIDEO version of the FIRST SOLO

  • The corresponding VIDEO version of the SECOND SOLO

  • The corresponding VIDEO version of the THIRD SOLO

Guitar was my Fender Stratocaster Vintage USA 57 on Neck Pickup position, tone closed to 5 out of 10, a Kemper Amplifier user rig. One take, Live mode, no additional processing.

Before the Amp:           Dyna Compressor Style + Equalizer
Amplifier:                       Profile of a 1972 HiWatt DR103 Clean Channel
Cabinet:                         2×12 Fane captured with a Shure SM57
After the Amp:              Equalizer + Studio Compressor + Ambience Delay + Stereo Room Reverb and a little bit of pan for a better stereo image like the original.

The Kemper Rig used on the first solo:

PinFl ShinWW Sol1 F5T6 #w7 – 2016-01-08 15-15-30

The registration was done with a Fender Stratocaster Vintage ’57 in input to a BOSS GT-10 MultiProcessor in LINE MODE and directly in output on two REAL amplifiers for a stereo configuration (a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo 1×12 and a Fender Eighty Five Red Knobs Combo 1×12). To record I used two RODE NT2A Condenser Microphones in front of the two amps.
The EFFECT CHAIN was Compressor, Phaser (on the third solo), Crunch Amp, Equalizer, Delay, Reverb; the Boss GT-10 Patch are:

Pink Floyd – ShineOn GT10 2012-04-20 YOU TUBE Maurizio70

  • Download here the TAB, the Guitar Pro Files & the Chords Structure I used for the song

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond CHORDS & TAB [MAU]

  • Download here some useful Backing Tracks

Pink Floyd – ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond – SOLOs BACKING by WS

Pink Floyd – ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond Part1-5 (Backing Studio No FIRSTGui)

Pink Floyd – ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond Part1-5 (LIVE No FirstGui FirstKey, with Sax)

The Backing Track signed with (WS) was recorded by:
Maurizio Giovanardi GUITARS
Andrea Casalanguida KEYBOARDS
Luca Iocchi BASS
Massimiliano Novelli DRUMS


5 thoughts on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond

  1. Jim

    Hi Maurizio,

    I have the same deep feeling when I’m listening to that song or playing it. The tone of the very first solo is amazing, so emotional.
    It’s really the clean guitar tone I’m haunted by, and looking for. Almost the same tone as the beginning of “Echoes”, and the construction of the two pieces are close.

    On my Strat Plus with Lance Sensor Gold pick-ups, I use the blend of the neck and middle pick-ups. It helps my tone to be a bit more “aerial”, with a source more difficult to localize precisely. It works better on my Strat than the neck p.u. alone. With that blend, the tone I get is more “ethereal”, that’s suite better to what I hear in the original track.

    There is something that kills me in the tone of the first solo that I don’t manage to get : it’s the little “wah” effect that I can hear in the 9th, 10th and 11th bar, when Gilmour bends from G to B flat. This very subtle “wah” during the bend…. I would give my soul to the devil to be able to get it.
    Any idea ?

    Best regards

    Jim (from France)

  2. birambaux

    I would like to know if you use the tone pot of the guitar for the first solo or if you only use the equalizer to have the legendary “deaf ” tone
    thanks a lot for your answer
    good job for this video

  3. Craig Wojo

    Great job with the tones as well as the playing. Looking for the guitar profiles with the guitar on all the guitar parts for the second and third solos (also the backing guitar parts). Please let me know if they are available.
    Just got my Kemper about 2 months ago and still working with it. Love it so far.


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