Have A Cigar

This is my version of HAVE A CIGAR SOLO from the album Wish You Were Here.
This solo have lots of technical difficult to play without mistakes, Gilmour in my opinion is at his best in this phase, I like it so much and the sound of David in the album is so interesting and also so difficult to reproduce. It was done by putting the guitar in the BOSS GT-10 Multieffect processor and plugged in the audio card of the PC, I hope you like it… Backing Track from Gilmourish.com.

  • This is my AUDIO version in High Quality:

  • Here you have the corresponding VIDEO version:

    Fender Stratocaster USA Vintage ’57 Model, BRIDGE Pickup selected, BOSS GT-10 User Patch

EFFECTS CHAIN: Compressor + Custom Overdrive + Tweed Amplifier + EQ + PHASER + Chorus + Hall Reverb

Here you can download my GT-10 Patch:

Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar (YOU TUBE Patch GT10 2011)

  • Download here the TAB, the Guitar Pro Files & the Chords Structure I used for the song:

Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar (TAB, Chords & Lyrics)

  • Download here some useful Backing Tracks:

Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar (BackingTracks)



This song I covered, is property of Pink Floyd. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only and to show the guitar effect tweaking and the way how I play it to be helpful to others to enjoy and try it with the same passion.

These are links where you can see other cover version that I liked too. Visit them if you are studying this solo….

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