Cover Songs

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In this section I am putting some cover songs that I made (full or partial). For each song will be available the following things:

  • Audio example of the cover
  • Video link (when available)
  • Backing Track used in the audio/video and more backing versions when available
  • Effect Chain explained with relative Rig/Patch done with digital machines (i.e. the Kemper Profiling Amplifier and/or the Boss GT-10)
  • TABs/Chords used for the song customized by me

You can navigate throughtout the menù of each page, hope you will find the cover you are searching for!

IMPORTANT NOTE: sometimes I will update the Kemper Rig used with new versions … so stay tuned and come back to check for new available Rig versions !!!!

Most of the information and materials available on this site are for free; anyhow, if you will have the pleasure to stand for my music activities, you can use the PayPal Donation Button! Thanks!


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