Brain Damage – Eclipse (from Rehearsal)

… let’s say… this is a particular video …  “take it as it comes”…

It is a tribute to a great song by “Pink Floyd” of “The Dark Side of The Moon” Album. Every time I listen to it, a lot of indescribable emotions comes to my mind.

  •  AUDIO take (recorded LIVE with 2 mic placement in the Rehearsal Room)

The related video refer to a rehearsal that remains “hidden” in my PC for several months… then I re-discover it later and I decide to put anyway it here to share how the passion for music can create such feeling between friends …

I hope you can catch this message watching this video, inspiring you to do the same, with also better results …

  • VIDEO (recorded LIVE in the Rehearsal Room)


  • GEAR USED & Boss GT-10 Patch

Fender Stratocaster Vintage USA, BOSS GT-10 User Patch, Direct MIC to RECORD in front of the speakers in the rehearsal room.

Boss GT-10 Patch to download here:

Pink Floyd – BrainDamage (Patch YOU TUBE GT10 2011-07)

  • Here you can download some Backing Tracks to use for this cover:

Pink Floyd – BrainDamage – Eclipse (Backing Track)

Pink Floyd – BrainDamage & Eclipse (Backing Track from Original) [MAT]

  • Here you can download the Chords/TAB I used for the song:

Pink Floyd – Brain Damage…Eclipse [Chords by MAU]

Thank you for watching!



NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED: THIS IS JUST A TRIBUTE VIDEO to one of the greatest band of all the times, we have no intention to create any profit with this.

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