Kemper RIG Creation

How to built a RIG for a Specific Song (Cover or Original)

Many of you asked for it… so, here you find some technical notes about the general method I tipically use to building a sound.
Well, it takes time, and I can say “it is not for all the people” but if you like it (as it happens to me), you can try and experiment by yourself to obtain same or even better results …
I have no secrets: it just depend on ears/experience and sometimes on your luck/time to find the ‘perfect‘ profile as starting point 😉
But let’s see the various steps in detail:

STEP 1 – Listen carefully to the Guitar Part Sound you want to build: if you are already sure that there are some Stomps/Effects in it, then it’s better to immediately putting them in the RIG and LOCK them
STEP 2 – Search for a Profile in the STACK Section that match your Guitar Part and gradually save some SNAPSHOTs for the ones you like to review them after
STEP 3 – Once you have restricted the RIGs/SNAPSHOTs to less then eight/ten, play them through the Backing Track and narrow down the field to 2-3 RIGs maximum
STEP 4 – Record with those RIGs and listen both through Monitor Speakers and Phones the results, then choose your FINAL RIG to go and refine it completing the Sound with Effects, Ambient Part and correct EQ
STEP 5 – Open a DAW Session with the Original Song on a track, the Backing on another track; then record the guitar and refine again… (the best way to do it is to use the Reamp Feature looping specific Guitar Parts)
STEP 6 – Enjoy … play it night and day and don’t stop 😉


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