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Maurizio70 – The Restart <- ALBUM PAGE

OP – OutInOut Project <- ALBUM PAGE

In this section I am putting original songs  where I wrote some guitar parts or more. Every artist, playing his own material, have always some special feeling and satisfaction, so that’s also true for me…

I hope you will find something really “true” and “original” in this section and, if you like, leave me any kind of comments that can give me suggestions and motivations.

I have two active projects in original composition now

I composed various songs over the years… some of them are almost completed some are still in a very draft situation… anyway finally I decided, since my 50’s are very near ;-))), to begin to complete them one by one and publish the result here hoping it could be of interesting and inspiration for some of you. I would like to receive transparent comment (and I hope … appreciation too!!!).

Maurizio70 – The Restart ALBUM PAGE

… guided from the talented italian composer Leonardo Beltri … I am co-author of all the guitar parts and of some tracks.

The “OutInOut Project” (OP) born from a great italian composer Leonardo Beltri who is recording orignal material in which I gave my main contribution co-writing and playing guitar parts.

I enjoyed a lot this incredible musical adventure, and I really want to thank Leonardo Beltri, the author of the Project, for his great encouragement to move a step forward and for giving me this great opportunity!

OP – OutInOut Project ALBUM PAGE

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