W. Leavitt – White Christmas

White Christmas, arrangement by William G. Leavitt.

I dedicate this song to all the children, to their dreams and to the good side of the child that every adult always carries with him …

Check out the version played by Bryan Aspey from which I took the inspiration, he is an incredible player!

  • AUDIO track
  • ¬†VIDEO Take here:


Les Paul Standard 2012 on Neck Pickup (BurstBucker Pro).

Kemper Rig with: Marshall JTM45 + 4×12 V30 Speaker double miking + Little bit of Chorus and Room Reverb.

  • ¬†Here you can download the Kemper RIGs:

WilLeav WhChrist Clean G3 #a0 – [Kemper Rig]

  • TAB & CHORDS used here:

White_Christmas – Arr. by Wm G Leavitt






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