* NOTE: you must upgrade your Kemper Amp Profiler at least to Release 7.1.5 or later

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• U2 – Vertigo (2 RIGs / 1 Performance)

In this section there are RIGs created by me to recreate the sound of some U2 Songs.
Each RIG have often hours of story behind… I give some of these for free and I still do, these ones are upgrade of past rigs I did some years ago expecially taking advantage of the new Kemper Delays Features. Each RIG is build with a specific sound in mind and it never ends up to just an amp profile, there is lot of work in effects building, volumes adjustment for different song parts and Morph/Pedals usage. I write down some explanation notes to understand betetr how to use it.

For recreating The Edge sounds there are plenty of school, method, advices on the net and it’s a continuous challenge for each fan. I studied all of them and tried many, now my method is mainly based upon ears, experience and a continous A/B check with the original song, after studying his effects settings.

For almost each song in which you could be interested you can find:
1) an audio example (played by me) using the exact sound of the RIG on sale, so that you can judge by yourself if you like it or not;
2) the exact explanation of the gear used to get that sound and a detailed explanation of the RIG including Settings for Pedals (Volume/Wha/Pitch/Morph) and Remote Switch for dedicated song parts (note that the same notes are also stored in each RIG in the Comments Tags);
3) finally you will have the possibility to buy those RIGs together with an additional PERFORMANCE Ready to Go LIVE with all the settings.

To buy RIGs just click on the “Add to Cart” Button for all the items you need, once finished check the Cart (be careful there will be no duplicates) and use PayPal or any Credit Card to end the payment transaction. No need to subscribe or create any account.
Once finished you will receive an email to download all the RIGs and PERFORMANCEs (and, if possible, some additional files… backing, music sheets etc…). You can try at the beginning for just one rig to see how it works and if you have any doubt/problem contact me @ maurizio.giovanardi@gmail.com.



U2 – Vertigo (RIGs)

Vertigo Demo Recording with Backing Track and Isolated Guitar
♪♪♫♪♪♫ ♪♪♫♪♪♫ ♪♪♫♪♪♫ ♪♪♫♪♪♫
U2 - Vertigo (RIGs)
U2 - Vertigo (RIGs)
3 RIGs / 1 PERFORMANCE for Riff, Delay and Solo Sounds (for Single Coil Bridge)

RIGs INSTRUCTIONs (Vertigo) (UPDATED 2020-03-28)
Gear Used: Telecaster Bridge Pickup 10% OverWounds; Herdim Red Pick as The Edge Uses.
There are 3 RIGs and 1 PERFORMANCE for U2 – Vertigo SOUNDs:
1) RIG “#U2 Vertigo 1 Riff T1#s3” for Main Guitar Distorted RIFF Sound (slightly panned left like in the original recording)
BUTTONs: On Verse 2 for the Delayed Arpeggio push on Remote/Stage Butt IIII or use the second SOUND
2) RIG “#U2 Vertigo 2 Delay T1#s3” for the Delayed Arpeggio part on Verse 2 (listen to 1:11-1:25)
3) RIG “#U2 Vertigo 3 Solo T1#m8” for SOLO Guitar Part (slightly panned right like in the original recording)
PEDAL VOLUME: Begin with PedVol UP and End with PedVol DOWN on last higher single notes on second SOLO Part
In the download FILEs there are also Backing Tracks and Music Sheets.
[Copyright by Maurizio70]

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